A shocking event was witnessed on Monday. A leopard was snapped on the sets in Goregaon film City in the morning. As usual, it was a busy day at the shoot; there were 200-300 people on the set, including the cash and crew of the Color show Ajooni. The leopard was snapped at the sets of Ajooni, a famous show among viewers featuring popular actor Shoaib Ibrahim.

In addition, the leopard attacked a dog on the set, but fortunately, no humans were harmed by the wild animal. The video of the leopard from the set is going viral on the internet. The viral video shows that a leopard entered the set by climbing the top and slowly coming down the roof. The predator tears the dog into pieces, and the visuals are disturbing.

The sudden intrusion of wild cat on the sets of the show created terror among the people, and people became anxious. However, it comes as a relief that no one was harmed due to this sudden appearance.

While All Indian Cine Workers Association expressed his concern and said, “The shoot for Ajooni was taking place in Goregaon, Film City in Mumbai today. At 9: 45 am, more than 300 artists were present at the place. The artists on the sets were fearful of losing their lives. However, nobody got hurt. But the leopard killed a dog and ate it. On behalf of being the President of AICWA, we have raised the concern previously as well.”

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