Shoaib Ibrahim‘s sister Saba Ibrahim and her husband, Sunny, announced the pregnancy news initially, and now they revealed that they lost the unborn. Saba faced a miscarriage as she had some medical complications.

Per her latest YouTube vlog, Saba and her husband Sunny revealed what happened. Her husband said, ” Saba was inside, and I was sitting outside, and I had a weird feeling about what will happen, but there was hope that everything would be fine; as Saba did everything that the doctor said, she did proper bed rest. And it builds a hope that everything is right so that everything will happen well.”

Further, he added, “But the doctor has already shared that the baby’s heart is unstable; the doctor also gave a hint to Saba, and everything was fine, and everyone had hope, but when the doctor scanned Saba, I was out, after that, the doctor called me inside, you are the husband come inside. After entering, I hoped for some good news, but as Saba was sitting quietly, I understood something was wrong, and the doctor said that the baby didn’t have a heart. And at that moment, I felt what happened; I didn’t understand what happened.”

Later, he mentioned that the next day, Saba had to abort the child, and they had to go to the hospital early in the morning, and he said it was “The worst day of our lives.”

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