Vishnu to transform into Mohini; Amrita Prakash roped in for Colors’ Mahakali

The coming episodes of Mahakali will witness Vishnu’s transformation into Mohini.

Vishnu to transform into Mohini; Amrita Prakash roped in for Colors’ Mahakali

Colors’ successful show Mahakali – Anth Hi Aarambh Hai (Swastik Productions) will see the transformation of Vishnu (Kanan Malhotra) into the gorgeous Mohini!!

As per the ongoing track, Parvati (Pooja Sharma) has given the amrit to Andhak which has angered the Devs.

In order to stop the asur clan from drinking the amrit, Vishnu will transform himself into Mohini in the coming episodes.

As per a source, “The coming episodes over the weekend will see Parvati taking the avatar of Tara Maata to stop the effect of the amrit manthan. However, when the amrit will start coming out as a result of the manthan, there will be a huge fight between the devs and asurs. This will be when the asurs will run away with the amrit. Also the devs will request Vishnu to help them. Vishnu in order to stop the asurs from drinking amrit will transform into the seductive Mohini and will dance before the asurs.”

We hear that talented actress Amrita Prakash will be seen playing the role of Mohini. Amrita is better known for her role in the Amrita Rao – Shahid Kapoor movie, Vivaah.

Being at her seductive best, Mohini will be seen giving the asurs alcohol instead of amrit. However, one of the asurs will take the amrit and will run away.

The episode will also see Vishnu’s raging avatar as he will get back into the Vishnu form to kill the asur to take possession of the amrit.

Will Vishnu be able to save the amrit from being consumed by Andhak?

We buzzed Amrita Prakash but could not get through to her.

We aso reached out to Kanan who plays Vishnu and he said, “Yes, this week’s episode will see Vishnu transforming into Mohini.”

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