Do you want Baalveer Returns?

Baalveer Returns: Yay or Nay

Baalveer Returns is an Indian television fantasy drama that stars on Sony SAB. It is sequel to the early drama Baalveer. It is the story of a boy who gets superpowers from seven fairies in fairyland. But he must use his ultimate power to help all the needy children.

The story is leaving no stone unturned to destroy Baalveer’s mission to be the ultimate power in the world. Baalveer seems a very nice show for kids as they get well into faulty tales and adjust. Even the technology used, in the first season was up to date. The battle between good and evil has started already in Baalveer Returns as Timnasa wants to destroy Baalveer.

Timnasa is now on earth with many of deadliest creatures and does not plan to leave until she creates havoc. Since being a superhero comes with great responsibilities, little Vansh Sayani who is playing the role of Baalveer is doing a commendable job.

What do you guys think of little Vansh playing Baalveer?

So will Vansh be as responsible as Balveer in real life?

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