Ashi Singh and Siddharth Nigam’s off-screen mastii is lit, check out!

Check Out! How Siddharth Nigam And Ashi Singh Behave Off Camera

We all love Siddharth Nigam the moment he stepped in Dhoom 3, right? The way he has maintained his personality over the years is splendid. He is one of the finest actors who evolved as a child actor to the leading actor and the best example and inspiration to take from him is his journey from Chakravartin Ashoka to Aladdin.

While Ashi Singh who started her career with the simple and shy girl Naina from Sony Tv’s Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai has come a long way as she is no more a simple girl. We saw Naina, a simple girl while we saw Yasmine, the princess who is always on cloud 9. The distinction between the two is like the sky and ocean. Ashi Singh’s girl outdoor fashion is seen in Aladdin as she plays the princess Yasmine opposite Siddharth Nigam.

Now if both Aladdin and Yasmine can come together and give us some drool-worthy performance, we can expect them to enjoy each other’s company off-camera, right? Well, Siddharth and Ashi’s hot chemistry already took the internet by storm. Their on-screen performance and their good coordination are so good that they don’t even need many takes to get the shot. Just a shot and done! To add more, their off-screen friendship and moments of fun too are cool. Let’s take a peep at some of them!

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