Shoaib Ibrahim, a well-known TV actor admired for his exceptional acting in shows like ‘Ajooni,‘ is preparing to celebrate his birthday in a unique and touching manner. With his impressive acting skills, the gifted actor has gained a massive following, and he recently discussed his birthday plans.

“This birthday, I’ll celebrate it at home with my family. I want to spend this day with my dear ones and cherish some quality time together,” shared Shoaib Ibrahim. He is known for his great bond with his family; Shoaib emphasizes the importance of celebrating special moments with dear ones.

The actor plans to have a small and intimate celebration with his family, but he is also looking forward to celebrating with his colleagues on the set, whom he refers to as his “Ajooni” family. “I’ll cut the cake and hopefully have a good time together with my Star Bharat family on the set of my show ‘Ajooni.’ It’s always wonderful to celebrate with the people you work with, who became a part of your extended family,” he added.

Star Bharat's Show 'Ajooni' Fame Shoaib Ibrahim Spills Beans About Celebrating His Birthday 817304

Star Bharat's Show 'Ajooni' Fame Shoaib Ibrahim Spills Beans About Celebrating His Birthday 817305

Shoaib Ibrahim’s acting as ‘Rajveer’ in the TV show ‘Ajooni’ on Star Bharat has made him very popular. His latest appearance as ‘Pathaan’ in the current storyline of the show has received a lot of praise from viewers, and the audience is enjoying the story.

As Shoaib Ibrahim’s birthday draws near, his fans eagerly anticipate the opportunity to express their love and well wishes. The actor’s modest and approachable demeanor has won him a large following, who admire not only his abilities but also his friendly character.

Join us in wishing Shoaib Ibrahim a very happy birthday and a year filled with success and happiness. Stay tuned to Star Bharat’s ‘Ajooni’ every Monday-Friday at 8:30 PM