Check out Dangal TV's popular show Tose Nainaa Milaai Ke episode 99 spoiler, where you will see that Kuhu gets trapped in family issues.

Tose Nainaa Milaai Ke Episode 99 Spoiler: Kuhu Gets Trapped In Family Matters

In Dangal TV’s popular show Tose Nainaa Milaai Ke, audiences are witnessing intense drama with the gripping storyline. Now, the audience will see that Shambhu and Rajeev unveil the hidden truth of Dev Narayan in front of everyone, which results in everyone turning their heads back on Dev Narayan. At the same time, Dev Narayan decided to bid farewell to Chandel Bhavan after facing a massive backlash. However, Kuhu couldn’t see her family fall apart and decided to draw a line in the house to divide it.

Later, Kuhu requests everyone to let Dev Narayan stay alone on the other side of the house, and the rest of the family members will stay on one side. Agreeing with this, everyone decides that no one will cross the line.

On the other hand, Madhu and Hasini are enchanted by the commotion happening at home, and they are waiting to see when Dev Narayan will go to jail. In contrast, Rajeev recalls all his childhood days. However, Dev Narayan feels ashamed of his deeds, and in a drunken state, he breaks the glass in his hand.

Dev Narayan could not manage himself in a drunken state, and he stepped on the broken glasses and got badly injured. Witnessing all this, Kuhu decides to cross the line made by her to help Dev Narayan, Madhu, and Hansini notice this and plan a new conspiracy against Kuhu.

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