Rohit Bakshi is all set to play the aggressive avatar of Lord Shiv in the upcoming BIG Magic show. Here is Rohit talking about his role.

I am an actor who goes by impulse – Rohit Bakshi

Talented actor Rohit Bakshi is geared up for a very different experience on TV!!

After playing the role of Lord Shiva in Siya Ke Ram, Rohit will now play the angry form of Shiva, called Bhairav in BIG Magic’s upcoming show Shaktipeeth Ke Bhairav (Triangle Films).

Rohit calls this a very different experience as he needs to show more of the aggression in this role. “In Siya Ke Ram, I portrayed the role of Lord Shiva in a calm and composed way. In this show, I will be mostly seen as Bhairav, a form created by Shiv himself. This form of Shiv will be the angry and aggressive one, as he is said to be the protector of all the Matas (Goddesses). There are 52 Shaktipeeths and there is said to be a Bhairav protecting all the Shaktipeeths.”

Rohit goes with the flow and does not believe in preparing for the role in hand. “I am an actor who goes my impulse. Whatever happens, happens on the sets. I go with the flow and work on my role. This role is very different because I need to focus more on my anger and aggression. I look forward to this challenge. And the best thing to happen for an actor is when he is blessed with different kinds of roles.”

Wish you all the best, Rohit!!

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