Aditi Abrol and Ishita Ganguly promise nail-biting stories on Colors' Kaun Hai?

To catch more spooky tales watch Kaun Hai?

Aditi Abrol and Ishita Ganguly promise nail-biting stories on Colors’ Kaun Hai?

If getting spooked gives you a high and the thrill of supernatural encounters sends a welcome shiver down your spine; COLORS’ new offering ‘Kaun hai’? is all set to enthrall you this weekend.

The upcoming episode of the show is set in the background of Hyderabad, wherein Amna (Aditi Abrol) and Haroon (Raj Logani) are a childless couple, whose wish to have a child is granted by a Jinn.  But to their horror, the same Jinn petrifies them and they later struggle to free themselves from him.

Talking about the role, Raj Logani said, “Working in Kaun Hai was a great experience. I’ve done horror shows in the past but this was a rather interesting concept.We’ve grown up with the concept of a genie bringing you all that you desire. With this episode, your perspective of a genie is going to change with demonic antics of this character. I hope our audiences like the show as much as we enjoyed shooting it”. 

Aditi Abrol further added saying, “Working in the horror genre is something I’ve always looked forward too. It adds versatility to the bouquet of work we do and this was definitely one of the most thrilling experiences that an actor can have.”

The second subsequent episode for this week is ‘Ranakpur ke Chamkadad’. The story revolves around a group of journalists who decide to visit a deserted Haveli inthe outskirts of Rajasthan. Unaware that the haveli is owned by a vampire, the journalists commence their expeditions. The Vampire (Ankit Arora) falls in love with one of the journalists Raisa (Ishita Ganguly), who he thinks is his lost love and decides to get her back at any cost.

On playing a vampire’s role, Ankit Arora said, “I have watched a lot of vampire movies in the past and it’s quite exciting to play a vampire onscreen. I enjoyed playing this negative role as  there was something new and challenging to it.”

Ishita Ganguly added, “Initially I was very excited to be a part of this episodic of Kaun Hai. But while shooting in that haveli, I think I did experience an eerie feeling around me at all times. Nonetheless, I hope the audience appreciates our efforts and enjoy this blood curling narrative.”

To catch more spooky tales watch Kaun Hai? every Friday to Sunday at 10.30 pm only on COLORS!

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