Anurag Basu and Tani Basu shared foody love story with everyone in Super Dancer Chapter 3

Anurag and Tani Basu’s foody love story in Super Dancer Chapter 3

Love is in the air this weekend on Super Dancer Chapter 3 with them celebrating Shaadi Special on the sets. Super judge Anurag Basu’s wife Tani made a surprise visit on the sets of the show for first time. Apparently, Tani tried her best to keep it a surprise but Anurag revealed that he already knew his wife’s visit on the show because Tani spoke about it her sleep and Anurag played along.

Dada and Tani were being themselves on the show and indulged in fun banter. They shared their foody love story with everyone. Everyone found the couple just too adorable and when Judge, Geeta Kapur asked them the reason behind what keeps them tied together, Anurag Basu shared, “Friendship, work, food and music. The first time I got attracted to Tani was because she sings very well. And food also plays an important part in our relationship. We were in Guwahati and I used to work under Tani and there was this big conference where people were having food and fish was being served. I looked everywhere and people were eating the fish with fork and spoon and I really wanted to dig in my fingers and eat. Its then that I saw a girl sitting at one corner and enjoying her food eating with her hands. I silently went and sat beside her and that’s how we started talking.”

The couple shared many secrets and even danced a little which is a big thing considering Anurag shared that Tani never ever dances. Tani also revealed that Anurag loves to cook when he is free and often prepares tiffin for their daughters. The interiors of their house is done by Anurag himself and he is very particular of things placed and does not like if things are moved from its original place.

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