Producer JD got really emotional while filming the death of Bakula Bua in his &TV show.

Bakula’s ‘death sequence’ in &TV’s Bakula Bua Ka Bhoot makes J.D. Majethia ‘emotional’

&TV’s latest dramedy, Bakula Bua Ka Bhoot (Hats Off Productions) has created a positive impact on the audiences!!

The love-hate relationship of Bakula (Sarita Joshi) with her family has indeed made the viewing interesting. With the Raja family praying for the death of Bakula Bua after not being able to tolerate her over-powering nature, it is now time for their wishes to get fulfilled.

What’s more? Even the Gods are conspiring to kill her!!

No doubt that the death of Bakula Bua will bring relief and smile back in the lives of the Raja family, but the shoot process of the scene was indeed emotional for the Producer J.D. Majethia. The reason for this is that Sarita Joshi who essays the role of Bakula shares a very strong bond with him.

As challenging as it sounds, it was very difficult for Producer JD Majethia to come up with such an intense scene. While discussing the scene, he said, Saritaji is like mother to us so seeing her on death bed even for a shoot is not easy for me. Initially we were supposed to show that Bakula Bua dies in an accident, but I wanted to avoid seeing her die. Since the concept of the show is such that we have to show her dying, the entire creative team collectively decided to give a funny twist to it. And the way the scene has been shot, I am sure when the viewers see the scene they will have tears…of laughter.”

With the death of Bakula Bua in the show, the story has taken an interesting turn. On one hand Raja family is happy about her death, but on the other hand Yamraj in Yamlok is going to have a tough time dealing with the very stubborn, Bakula Bua.

So does it mean that Bakula will be sent back to her family from Yamlok? Only time will tell…


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