Zain Imam’s Tik-Tok is turning heads.

Zain Imam urges fans to pray for him 1

Zain Imam has been in the industry for a very long time. He is old money now, but not that old. His relevance amongst the youth in the country is still very much there. His TikTok videos are setting social media websites all over ablaze. His videos are catchy and intelligent, all at the same time. Zain has very good experience with what works for the public, which is why, while other celebrities may struggle to stay relevant because they can’t find the pulse of the audience, Zain can do this almost effortlessly as he is very accustomed to what the people are looking for.

Zain Imam’s portfolio is evidence of this. He has been active in the Indian television circuit for the last decade. Some of his highlighted performances are, Yuvraj Luthra in Tashan – e – Ishq and Neil Khanna in Namkarann. His TV appearances over the past decade have made him one with the people. And, the second, of course, is his tendency to push himself beyond the limit to stay fit for his work and as an inspiration to his fans. His compulsiveness to stay fit is also what makes him so very relatable and easy to follow.

Here are some examples of his TikTok videos:


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Just like that #active @tiktok #zarsquad #zar #zainimam

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