Zain Imam, who went on to became youth sensation Neil from Naamkarann, has immense fan followers. He can make any girl go weak on her knees with his charm.

Here are a few statements that ardent fans would have the right answer to! Try yourself and see if you nod in agreement with these situations or if you don’t think these statements sound like you.

If you are a die-hard Zain Imam fan, take a test here

You are still watching all the episodes, even though Naamkarann is off air but you love Zain as Neil!

Be it any other TV hero ruling the space, hands down your only favourite actor is Zain

You are praying for Zain to return to TV.

You think Zain and Aditi look made for each other on-screen, as Neil and Avni

You never miss Zain’s any project, be it TV, film or web.

Did you get through the quiz with complete ease? If yes, CONGRATULATIONS! You truly are a big fan of Zain.

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