The cast and crew of the show were in for a shock when they realized that all the bulbs on the set were stolen

‘Bulb Chor’ creates havoc on the sets of Star Plus’ Meri Durga

The cast and crew of Star Plus’ Meri Durga (Paperback Films) was confused, amazed and puzzled recently when they found that no lights worked on the set when they reported for shoot in the morning!!

No, it was not an electricity problem, but the after-effect of a ‘Bulb Chor’ creating havoc by stealing all the bulbs present on the set.

Yes, we are not joking and we mean it when we say that the thief did not leave even a single bulb in its place…

A source from the set tells us, “All the light bulbs were stolen. The lights were opened and the bulbs stolen, and the person even managed to climb up and steal the top bulbs that is usually put. When the crew and cast assembled for shoot in the morning, we realized that none of the lights were functioning. It was a shocker for us when we got to know that all the bulbs were taken off.”

When contacted, Producer Ravindra Gautam confirmed the news with saying, “Well, it is true that someone stole all the light bulbs from the set. It is a point of concern, as someone was clinical enough to get inside the sets and understand the knack of removing the bulbs from the lights.”

Talking about the loss of time and money, the Producer stated, “It took time for us to resume shoot. All the bulbs had to be put up before we could start again. Police complaint has been lodged. So let us see. These bulbs come very costly, ranging from few thousands to lakhs. It was intelligent of whoever did it, as all the bulbs come inside two bags. Cost-wise it has been a huge loss for us.”

When asked about the precautions taken on the set, as an aftermath of the theft, Ravindra said, “We plan to beef up the security at night. It is a huge area and the set is open at the back. So anyone could have come in. We are also planning to put up CCTV cameras everywhere.”


Must say, someone indeed turned a ‘lakhpati’ overnight by stealing only bulbs!! On a serious note, we hope the police manages to nab the culprit.

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