Find out Priyamvada’s exclusive look from her upcoming show…

Checkout: Priyamvada Kant’s exclusive look for SAB TV’s Tenali Rama

SAB TV is gearing up to bring the beautiful tale of Tenali Rama for its viewers.

As we know, Contiloe has been working on the huge project for the last few months.

Audience is already aware about Krishna Bharadwaj and Priyamvada Kant playing titular roles in the upcoming show.

Indianwikimedia has Priyamvada’s exclusive look pictures. (Checkout the above photos)

Talking about her look, Priyamvada shared, “It is a complete drama and I am quite dramatic in real life. I am a comfort dresser. No compromises on comfort. So this look really takes a toll on me. Getting into this attire then roaming around in it the entire day surely takes me back in the era and makes me feel like a princess but it is very tiring and I am mostly left with bruises. I have always tried to do something new in all my roles. Each has been different from the other so I am hoping it’s all going to be worth it.”

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