Ishq Subhaan Allah is all about the ups and downs in the marriage life of Kabir and Zara and here are a few of their romantic moments which will melt you heart.

Cute Couple Alert: Kabir-Zara romance on Ishq Subhaan Allah will melt your hearts

The plot of Ishq Subhaan Allah revolves around the married life of Kabir-Zara who have completed higher studies and have a different thinking process when it comes to the Triple Talaq practice Adnan Khan and Eisha Singh are seen in lead roles playing Kabir and Zara. Let’s go through a few of their romantic moments.

The scene when Zara tells Kabir the real reason of she had kept the piece of land with her, that makes Kabir emotional a gives Zara a hug from behind, the short romantic moment that we witness is good to watch.

They share another romantic moment when Zara is about to go to her mom’s place for some days and that makes Kabir uncomfortable that Zara won’t be him for a few days. So Kabir decides to spend some with some fun when Kabir is unable to wear a Kurta and gets stuck with it, so Zara helps him with it and they end up little close to each other and share a romantic look.

There also are a few scenes when Kabir-Zara are wrapped in each other’s arms on the bed and we see sweet-salty discussions among them. Zara tries to get mischievous while Kabir is sleeping and he wakes up and gets annoyed with this action of Zara.

Even if there are differences in their thinking process, Kabir-Zara also shares a lot of romantic moments and get closer.

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