Donal Bisht had a first hand experience at getting drunk on the sets of Ek Deewana Tha.

When Donal Bisht tasted ‘champagne’ for the first time in her life…

The pretty and elegant Donal Bisht had never tasted alcohol till the time she had to get drunk for an important sequence in her Sony TV show Ek Deewana Tha (LSD Films).

Yes, we say so, because Donal got to taste champagne for the very first time in her life few days back!!

Says Donal, “It was a very important scene where Sharanya had to get drunk and create huge drama. For me, I had never ever taken alcohol. When we were talking about the scene, the general suggestion on set was that I take a sip of the drink to get the hang of it before shooting for it. Hence I took a sip of champagne for the first time. Though the sequence had to be shot for more than one day, I took a sip of champagne only on the first day. Post that, I shot the scenes without taking the drink (smiles).”

We hear that the drunken scene of Sharanya will bring in huge drama, wherein the girl will have to pay the price for being over smart.

Viewers will also see Sharanya dancing her heart out after getting drunk.

Are you ready to witness this sequence?

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