Piyali Munsi talks about her role and look in Prithvi Vallabh.

I have done a lot of research to play the role of Jakkala in Prithvi Vallabh – Piyali Munsi

Actress Piyali Munsi will don the role of a Queen for Sony TV’s lavish extravaganza, Prithvi Vallabh, produced by Writers’ Galaxy.

IndianWikiMedia.com has earlier reported about Piyali playing the role of Jakkala.

We got in touch with Piyali to know more about her role and this is what she has to say, “I play the Queen of Manyakhet, the state which is the opponent of Prithvi’s Malwa. I have done a lot of research to play the character of Jakkala.”

Piyali who was last seen in Siya Ke Ram will carry a beautiful look and here is a glimpse of her look for our readers.

“I have been given a gorgeous look. The draping is very different than what we have seen till date. The best part for me is the curly long hair I have been given,” she states.

Best of luck, Piyali!!