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Bela and Mahir of Naagin 3 have always shared great chemistry and their romance is no less than a fairy tale come true, and that too with a supernatural twist!

The epic love story of Bela and Mahir from Naagin 3

Naagin 3 is one of the most interesting supernatural thrillers on television and has been an audience-favourite for a long time now. The dramatic love story of Mahir (played by Pearl V Puri) and Bela (played by Surbhi Jyoti) has been the talk of the town ever since it first aired and not to mention, how amazing the lead couple looks together!
The supernatural thriller then saw the characters of Bela and Mihir reincarnate to achieve and conquer their unfinished mission. Reincarnated as Mihir and Shravani this time, both the characters now face the final challenge, the battle they have to win with the help of Maha Naagrani.
The epic love story of Bela and Mahir from Naagin 3
Remember the love-filled moment Bela and Mahir shared when the song ‘Baahon Ke Darmiyaan, do pyaar mil rahe hain’ played in the background. That subtle little dance of theirs made fans fall for this couple and take tremendous #couplegoals from this good-looking on-screen jodi.

Another time they simply stole our hearts with their candid chemistry was when we saw them together redefining a picture perfect moment; Gulaabi pyaar indeed, won’t you say so too? Time and again their epic love story has stood against all evil, even supernatural evils and they have emerged successful and just as much in love as ever. Bela and Mahir truly share the once-in-a-lifetime love and their love story was bound to be an epic saga of the silver screen.
The epic love story of Bela and Mahir from Naagin 3 1
Apart from their crackling chemistry on-screen Bela and Mahir also have some of those perfect romantic moments that even make us go weak in our knees. They have given romance a new name and flavour and we can’t help but imagine our lives being filled with the same love and romantic serenades, of course minus the supernatural thrill maybe.

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