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Ashish Sharma and I are close friends, says Mukesh Rishi

Friends turn foes in Prithvi Vallabh!

Anirudh Pathak’s Prithvi Vallabh which airs on Sony Entertainment Television is a complete package filled with action, drama and storytelling. Revolving around love and war, Ashish Sharma who plays Prithvi Vallabh is a highly skilled artist and Sonarika Bhadoria who plays the role of Mrinal is a fierce warrior. In the upcoming episode, Prithvi Vallabh decides to go to Manyakhet but only on the condition that he seek permission from Kallari (Mukesh Rishi).

Mukesh Rishi who has been a fabulous actor and plays a seamless character of Kallari challenges Prithvi to fight him and if he can defeat him, he is free to go to Manyakhet. Taking this as a challenge in reel life and seeing their bond in real life, was it a difficult task to get the scene on point?

To this Mukesh Rishi says, “Ashish Sharma and I are close friends and we share a very good bond on and off sets. He is like a brother to me and it feels good to have him around. For the sequence, we didn’t particularly go through any specialized training and I believe that is exactly where our experiences came in. Both of us work out and have been going to the gym for years now. He has worked for many shows and I have been a part of a lot of films which required me to fight. So, we just had to go with the flow and ensure the fighting scene looks believable. When we were told about it, we were quite excited to shoot for it as the actual fight happened in a sand pit where Prithvi obeys his Guru and restrains himself to not fight back.”

Mukesh Rishi has been a very senior actor in the industry and it was a rigorous sequence for him to learn but at the same time he was very excited to try his skills at wrestling. The whole scene was shot in a sand pit which included arm wrestling and required immense fitness which they already have.

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