The lead actor Gaurav Sareen injures his bicep muscle on the sets of the Star Plus show, Krishna Chali London.

Gaurav Sareen injures his bicep muscles on the set of Krishna Chali London

The drama quotient in Star Plus’ Krishna Chali London (Parin Multimedia) has been up for quite sometime with Radhey (Gaurav Sareen) and Krishna (Megha Chakraborty) winning the competition.

In a sequence to air, Radhey had to show off his heroic abilities by breaking down a locked door, with the drama being huge. During the process, lead actor Gaurav Sareen literally ended up hurting his biceps as he banged his hand against the door.

As per sources, “The sequence was of Gajanan (Sunny Sachdeva) beating his wife Laali (Divya Malik) inside a locked room. Radhey had to break open the door and stop the commotion between the two of them.”

Says Gaurav, “I hit my shoulder and hand so hard against the door that my bicep muscles got strained, thus leaving out red scars.”

Well, where there is pain, there is gain, Gaurav!!


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