Gaurav Sharma the talented actor who is seen in Star Plus’ Shaadi Mubarak will go through a major transformation.

Gaurav Sharma’s huge transformation in Shaadi Mubarak

Gaurav Sharma the versatile actor who is part of Star Plus’ Shaadi Mubarak will go through a major transformation in his onscreen character.

Gaurav plays the role of Tarun, the disrespectful son of Preeti (Rati Pandey) who has tortured his mother with his piercing words always.

Now, the show will see a new twist wherein Gaurav’s character will go through a change for the better.

Yes, in due course of time, Tarun’s character will turn positive and he will be a solid support system to his mother.


Yes, we hear that Gaurav is presently working on this transformation in the character which will be visible to the public eye soon.

We buzzed Gaurav but did not get through to him.

We hear that the actor looks forward to this new graph in his character and is excited about it.