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Draw inspiration from the musical mentors and join the contestants on their journey to success.

Guru Anu Malik meets Shishya Rahul on &TV’s Music Ki Pathshaala

With perfect synchronization and the successful beginning of a musical journey, &TV’s Music Ki Pathshaala is ready to take the pitch a notch higher with musical mentor Anu Malik. Viewers will witness the celebration of music as the popular music composer will add to the non-stop entertainment and melody. With extremely young and talented contestants like Bidipta Chakarvorty, Utkarsh Wankhede, Saimann Sewa, Tanya Tiwari and Jassu Singh, this episode of Music Ki Pathshaala will take melodies to a different level! However, Anu Malik was filled with joy when he saw host, Rahul Vaidya, eagerly waiting to welcome him on stage.

Over a decade back, during Anu’s earlier stint as a judge on another singing reality show, he had played coach and mentor to Rahul who was one of the finalists and most loved contestant. And now, 12 years down the line, when Anu Malik met Rahul on Music Ki Pathshaala, they not only relived old memories but also created new ones by composing songs on the spot with original lyrics, much to the surprise and amazement of the contestants and audience! The show certainly paved the way for a reunion of guru and shishya as they happily bonded over music and masti.

And before saying goodbye to Rahul, Anu Malik laughingly said, “If Anu can turn singer to comedian, Rahul can certainly become a great anchor one day!”

Watch Music Ki Pathshaala on 7 Oct at 8pm only on &TV!

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