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Negative role or not, Hina Khan as Komolika is just too amazing and stunning as a performer to be hated in this role!

Here’s why fans think Kasautii Zindagii Kay’s Komolika is irritating!

This is the era of “season 2” for maximum movies, serials and web series too. One amongst this is Kasautii Zindagii Kay – season 2. The serial began with a bang after almost 2 decades. Now that means a lot for director, the producer and even the audiences. The viewers are still gripping their seats while this show airs on prime channel and at prime show time, which is quite a feat that this show has achieved.

Komolika has been portrayed as an evil yet sassy character. In other words you can call her a sexy and a classy vamp in this show. Her character is that of a strong headed woman who aspires to be every one’s favourite. We know she is the one who is keeping Anurag and Prerna, the loving couple, away from each other because she wants Anurag to herself, but it is irritating how much we fail to hate this so called vamp and her negative and scheming mind-set, isn’t it?

Here’s why fans think KasautIi ZindagIi Kay’s Komolika is irritating!

You can also see her wearing expensive jewellery pieces and designer dresses in the show. This has caught viewers’ attention. Her fans are still looking forward to see her often on this show and vamp or not, her role is still captivating the hearts of many.

Hina Khan is doing a stellar job as Komolika, the antagonist and hats off to her acting chops, that have made her hold this negative character also as a lovable one. You can try to hate her all you like in the series because she does everything she can to keep lovers at bay but the irritating bit is that she is just too captivating and amazing to hate!

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