Check out Sundarlal and Jethalal's hilarious scenes

Hilarious: Jethalal & Sundarlal’s funniest scenes in Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah to make you LOL

Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah is undoubtedly the most interesting comedy show that’s running on TV for the longest time and one actor who’s made it possible almost single-handedly is none other than Dilip Joshi aka our very own Jethalal.

Be it for his hilarious romantic scenes with Disha Vakani or Dayaben or for his ‘love-hate’ relationship with his brother-in-law, Sundarlal, the show is a big hit for all the right reasons.

Over the years, both Jethalal and Sundarlal have entertained everyone with their funny scenes together. So incase you wanna have a good laugh again, check out these videos below and go LOL.

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When Sunder Arrives for Tapu’s Wedding:-

Sunder arrived with a band baarat for Tapu’s wedding, which irritated Jethalal due to the many people accompanying him. The sight of so many of Sunder’s friends for Tapu’s wedding made Jethalal tense, as he worried about how much the expenses for the wedding would increase. But Sunder didn’t stop there; he kept increasing the decoration cost and adding more food items, increasing Jethalal’s tension further.

When Sunderlal takes all the ladies from Gokuldham for the shopping at Ahmedabad:-

All the ladies in society planned to meet up the next day to discuss shopping. However, before doing so, they consulted their husbands about the plan. As a result, everyone regretted the decision and the plan was dropped. The next day, Sundarlal came to meet Daya and spent some quality time with Kerry. Upon learning about Daya’s desire to shop in Ahmedabad, Sunderlal encouraged the idea and offered to take all the ladies there. With this, all the ladies started requesting their husbands for permission to go on the shopping trip. Although the husbands initially regretted giving permission, they eventually agreed to let the ladies go to Ahmedabad for shopping and return within a day.

New Year’s Eve Party Celebration at Gokuldham:-

All the men try hard to convince their wives to celebrate New Year’s Eve together. Meanwhile, Sundar arrives at Jethalal’s place and Daya expresses her desire to celebrate 31st December with everyone. The other ladies also gather and share their thoughts that it would be really bad if their husbands don’t celebrate the occasion with them and their children. However, Jethalal disagrees with the idea and refuses to celebrate with everyone. Eventually, Sundar decides to come up with a plan to convince Jethalal to change his mind and celebrate with everyone.