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Jaya is on a mission to live good, do good…

Meet the benevolent soul, Jaya Bhattacharya

Veteran actress Jaya Bhattacharya (Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, Banoo Main Teri Dulhan and Thapki Pyar Ki) has, in a chat with IndianWikiMedia, mentions that she has realized the importance of social media to get your point of view across.  No wonder she has started uploading social issues videos on You Tube which are close to her heart.

Her latest upload is called A Goal Achieved… We Bought An Animal Ambulance:


“I along with a few friends have chipped in to buy an ambulance for injured animal, this is the least we can do towards society.  Now we waiting for more funds to complete the interiors of the ambulance i.e. cage, oxygen and other medical equipment,” says Jaya with a smile.

“I started with Now Is the Time for Good Deeds video where I sing my old school song about the importance of doing good now rather than waiting for tomorrow which might never come. The moot point in all my videos is that we need to do our bit.  Many people fear that helping others might cost them…the key is to do whatever can be done. Too much planning never helps.  Have we not seen stock prices crashing?”

Apart from this Jaya’s Youtube channel has7/8 other video uploads on varied topics (environment, water, trees) as well.

Here the benevolent lady adds, “Definition of good also varies from person to person for me, it is to do stuff which does not hurt anyone nor allow anyone else to do the same. Further, since I don’t get scared as I have nothing to lose not even money, I do what I feel is right even if it is risky. I will go to the extent of making enemies if needed for the larger good.”

When we ask about the response on her initiative she says, “I am happy with whatever limited likes and comments I have garnered so far.  I am very well aware that the social servicing message I am putting up will not spread like wild fire as it does not talk about sex and nudity. I am confident that it will have organic growth as there are enough good people out there who want to reach out and help others, they just want inspiration.”

Keep up the good work Jaya!!!

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