Mohit Malik will for the first time in his career be seen smoking onscreen for Lockdown Ki Lovestory.

A puffy affair: Mohit Malik for the first time in life smokes for a scene

Mohit Malik the talented actor who is now entertaining his fans with his romantic side in the Star Plus show Lockdown Ki Lovestory will for the first time smoke onscreen!!

Yes, never in his long career has Mohit Malik had the opportunity to puff a cigarette onscreen. Now, in the role of Dhruv Jaiswal in the show, he will be smoking for the first time.

Says Mohit, “I don’t know why, I was very excited to be smoking for a scene (smiles). In fact, I have grown up seeing such scenes where actors smoke onscreen, and have thought of getting to shoot such a scene one day. So you can say, this was a reason for the excitement. This is the first time in my career that I have got a chance.”

Mohit Malik who does not smoke in real life adds, “Though I have never smoked in my life, I had to as Dhruv smokes (smiles).”

Recently, Mohit had sung a romantic song for the show which was appreciated by one and all.

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