Ashi Singh was scared due to the failure track in the show.

Reel life exam failure fear scares Ashi Singh in real life

Examinations during school and college was a period that scared all of us. A tumultuous phase of 15-20 days of fervent studies for every student before the vacations began didn’t make things easier. Ashi Singh who portrays the role of Naina in Sony Entertainment Television’s ‘Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai’ recently faced similar fears owing to her college examinations.

In the recent track of the show, Sameer has relocated to Delhi to stay with his relatives after his Nanaji’s demise and the only way to connect with Naina is through letters. Longing to read his letters, Naina waits earnestly and on learning that a letter from Sameer has arrived, leaves the examination hall in a hurry. This further leads to her failing in the exams which comes as a shock to her family. With her upcoming college exams, Ashi Singh was so scared due to the failure track, that she requested the production house for 2 days of study leave.

When contacted Ashi Singh confirms, “Naina’s image is that of a studious and ideal girl next door who always scores top grades in all her exams. With the current track wherein, she fails in her exams truly frightened me. Incidentally, I was also preparing for my college exams during this specific sequence and it was scary to imagine facing the same situation in real life. I couldn’t get the thought out of my head! I spoke to the production house and requested for 2 days of leave for my exams. I studied day and night for 48 hours to ensure that I clear my tests. I am awaiting the results and am confident of scoring good marks.”

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