Soon the truth behind Karan's strange behaviour will be revealed in Colors' show Ek Shringaar... Swabhimaan

Revealed: Reason behind Karan's strange behaviour in Colors' Ek Shringaar... Swabhimaan

In COLORS family drama series, Ek Shringaar… Swabhimaan,  we have seen Naina’s (Ankita Sharma) husband Karan (Samridh Bawa)  behaving strangely while always staying aloof from the family. He is mocked by everyone as they feel he behaves in an odd manner. Only Nirmala (Shweta Mahadik) and Sandhya (Suchitra Pillai) don’t rebuke him for his behavior. Karan does not even let Naina come anywhere close to him and has made this clear to her that she isn’t bound to the marriage and can leave if she wishes to. Naina is suspicious of his behavior and tries to dig deep to find the root cause of such estranged behavior.

The reason behind Karan’s behavior will finally be revealed in the upcoming episodes where we will see Karan and Naina head out for holi shopping. A barrage of bamboo is about to fall on Naina and Karan saves her from the accident. Naina is in trauma and becomes unconscious. While Karan thinks she is still unconscious, he blurts out about a disease he is suffering from. On hearing about the illness she immediately understands the reason behind his intricate behavior.

On speaking about the revelation, Samridh Bawa said, “Since the inception of the show my character as Karan has kept the audience intrigued because of the odd behavior he portrays. I am amazed as to how not only the fans  but my friends and family have appreciated my role  and are curious to know the reason behind Karan’s estranged behavior. But finally the truth will be revealed to the viewers. I hope the audience continue to love and appreciate the character.”

Will Naina be able to help Karan lead a normal life? To find out, watch Ek Shringaar…Swabhimaan, Mon-Fri at 9:30pm only on COLORS

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