Abeer’s belief in Sai’s Vibhuti

Sai Baba worked in mysterious ways to help his devotees: Abeer Soofi

Devotees of Shirdi’s Sai Baba are aware about his multiple miracles and the message of love and equality that he spreads amongst all. He was also known for curing ailments and illnesses that people suffered. As per folklore, Sai had installed an ever-lasting flame – Dhuni at his resting place – Mashid in Shirdi. He would often take the ash from the Dhuni and give it to devotees to ease their sufferings. People would also carry the Vibhuti (Holy Ash) to heal their loved ones from various ailments.

In the recent track of Sony Entertainment Television’s Mere Sai, the storyline revolves around the origins of Dhuni and how it changed the lives of numerous devotees across the region. Abeer Soofi who essays the role of Sai Baba in Mere Sai is an ardent follower of Sai Baba and always applies Vibhuti on himself.

Abeer Soofi (Sai) said, “Sai Baba worked in mysterious ways to help his devotees. He was known to cure life threatening illnesses with ayurvedic medicines and later, started distributing Vibhuti (Holy Ash). I remember every time that I have visited Shirdi, I have brought Vibhuti with me and there has never been a day that I have ventured out of my home without applying it. Sai Baba had said that the Dhuni will continue to be ablaze till the end of time. Till date, every devotee who visits Shirdi always takes Vibhuti along with them. I’m excited about the current track of Mere Sai as we have shown the story of Dhuni and its importance in the life of his devotees.” 

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