Shweta Mahadik exudes sheer magic with the ‘pole’

Shweta Mahadik has mastered the art of pole dancing and has gotten more confident as a person!!

Shweta Mahadik exudes sheer magic with the ‘pole’

Actress Shweta Mahadik has always been a fitness freak!! However, there came a moment in her life recently when she felt that working out in the gym is not enough to get the perfect body shape as well as mental peace!!

With her being passionate about dance, she decided to link dance with her fitness schedule!! And thus began the journey of mastering the art of pole dancing!!

Today, Shweta Mahadik is a trained pole dancer… And this exercise regime has gotten the best out of her!!

Says Shweta, “All of it started when I felt that my fitness routine had got stagnant with the usual working out. With the idea of dance being the core, I decided to take up pole dancing. I have been learning the art form for more than two months now. And trust me, it gives you a great feeling…”

Talking more on the art, Shweta explains, “Pole dancing has helped me develop my bone strength. Also, my inner core has gotten strong. And yes, I have got into a great shape. I am very thankful to Rajshri Productions for giving me the space and time to work on my passion. If I was working in any other production house, I might have struggled to maintain the pace of shoot and workout. But I have been very comfortable with Rajshri.”

For Shweta, the best day of her learning was when she mastered the art of inversion with the pole. “Inversion is a great art, but tough to get a hold of. It needs lot of practice and devotion. The day I got it right was a huge day for me; the feeling is something top of the world. I felt as though I achieved something big in life. Inversion actually helps you trust yourself better. When you are in an inverted position, you gain a lot of confidence. You put your body to test and when you get it right, it only boosts your confidence.”

Shweta who essays the role of Nirmala in Colors’ Ek Shringaar – Swabhimaan is extremely happy with her track and story line. “The recent addition of intrigue in the story line will only take the show to a new level.”

Shweta, enjoy your ‘magic’ with the pole!!

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