Smart Jodi will see Himalay and Bhagyashree's school friends talking about the couple's endearing love story.

Smart Jodi Update: Friends talk about Himalay’s pure love for Bhagyashree

Smart Jodi the Star Plus reality show wherein real-life couples from all walks of life are going through funny and engaging tasks, will see the Bachpan Special episode this weekend, wherein all the Jodis will come dressed as school kids.

Talking about anecdotes from their school days, Himalay and Bhagyashree will have their school friends gracing the episode. Himalay and Bhagyashree’s cute love story which started during schooling, will be talked about by their friends.

From giving pastries to everyone on his birthday as Bhagyashree liked it, to beating up guys who praised Bhagyashree’s throwball game, Himalay’s friends will talk at length about Himalay’s possessive love for Bhagyashree from his growing up days.

Himalay and Bhagyashree will also thank their school friends for being their support system all through their journey of love.

Catch this endearing episode of Smart Jodi this weekend.