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Mithun Da pranked Saksham in Super Dancer Chapter 3

Super Dancer Chapter 3: When Mithun Da pulled a prank on contestant Saksham

Punjab Da Sher contestant Saksham Sharma goes a mile extra every time in his dance performance and leaves the audience and judges awestruck. The upcoming episode of kid’s dance reality shows Super Dancer Chapter 3, will be filled with 90s Disco era where contestants and judges will be seen dressed up in the Disco attire relieving the era. The 7-year-old contestant from Ludhiana received utmost appreciations from Mithun Da and judges– Shilpa Shetty Kundra, Anurag Basu, and Geeta Kapoor for his unique theme.

With his elegant dance steps and unique concepts behind each performance, contestant Saksham never fails to give a jaw-dropping performance every time he comes on stage. Ludhiana boy Saksham left everyone wonderstruck on the sets with his performance on Mithun Da’s famous song “Jimmy Jimmy”. Never could have anyone thought of associating Jimmy Jimmy to the camera equipment ‘Jimmy Jib’.

The out-of-the-box conceptualization and execution forced everyone to give a standing ovation to the contestant. After the performance, Judge Geeta Kapoor hugged him and made him sit on her lap. Watching Saksham get attention for his cuteness Mithun da humorously mentioned, “I wish I was Saksham so that I could be this close to Geeta!”

Saksham who is a mumma’s boy was pranked by Mithun Da. He told Saksham that he is a big boy and the makers have asked his mom to go back to Ludhiana. To which Saksham got a little anxious and started searching for his mom everywhere on the sets. He spent hours searching for his mother and was rather tensed but later found his mom’s purse at the seating area and realized that Mithun da was playing a prank and breathed a great sigh of relief.

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