The best part about my role is the bonding with my daughter Radha – Romanch Mehta

As Romanch Mehta kick-starts another journey with & TV’s Paramavatar Shri Krishna, he talks about his role.

The best part about my role is the bonding with my daughter Radha – Romanch Mehta

Romanch Mehta is back again with & TV in the character of Vrishbanu, father of Radha in the channel’s newest presentation, Paramavatar Shri Krishna produced by Peninsula Pictures.

The actor who is very good with kids in real life is excited as his track in the show will kick-start with a cute father-daughter bonding.

Says Romanch, “Shooting with this cute four months old girl who plays Radha is indeed a nice feeling. I get along well with kids. And coincidentally, I have worked with many kids in my earlier shows Gangaa and Siya Ke Ram. It is an art to shoot with kids, and I have mastered it now. You need to shoot when they are in a mood to shoot. You need to be patient when your scenes are with kids. Above all, you tend to work in a happy ambience when you are working with kids.”

Talking about his character, the actor states, “Vrishbanu is a very loving father. The best part about my track will be the way my bonding with Radha has been projected. Vrishbanu is a positive guy, but tends to get short-tempered and aggressive at times. I have known the producers and when they offered me this role, I grabbed it. It is a great feeling to be working with & again.”

Romanch has been juggling between the good and baddie roles very effectively. “Though I have done both the good and bad, I enjoy doing the positive roles. Having said this, you get to play varied shades if you are negative. But the general feedback I get from people is that my face looks apt for a positive role.”

Here’s wishing Romanch all the very best for Paramavatar Shri Krishna..

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