Kanan Malhotra who plays Lord Vishnu in Colors’ upcoming show, Maha Kaali talks about his character.

The character of Lord Vishnu needs to be played with lot of patience – Kanan Malhotra

Actor Kanan Malhotra is excited about his first Godly role on TV!! In Siddharth Kumar Tewary’s Maha Kaali for Colors, Kanan plays the role of Lord Vishnu.

Says Kanan, “This is indeed a challenge as I have never played a God figure before. Though I have got a hang of the costume drama genre with my earlier shows Suryaputra Karn and Karamphal Data Shani, I had to really work a lot to get tuned to the role of Vishnu.”

“Initially I was very confused with the character and used to have lot of questions on how to play it. But with time, I have gotten into the groove. The character of Lord Vishnu needs to be played with lot of patience. Lord Vishnu knows everything, but when he plays it up with everyone, he appears as though he does not know anything. I had to get this expression to the T for my role. Also, I had to work a lot on my body language, the way I walk and talk. I am learning even now.”

Kanan feels he is lucky to be adorning so much of jewelry, a prestige that only women get in most of the cases. “It is fun playing the character by wearing all the jewelry. I and Parvati are the lucky ones in the show, as we are always decked with jewels. My mukut in itself weights four and half kilograms. Well, wearing all this is indeed painful. But there are no complaints if you are into a character as big as this.”

For Kanan who was earlier known as the ‘chocolate boy’ of TV, his recent roles have been a path-breaker. “This is the third show for me with Swastik. Suryaputra Karn and Karamphal Data Shani experiences have taught me a lot. There was a time when I felt such shows are not my cup of tea. But today, seeing me donning the role of Lord Vishnu makes me happy.”

Wish you all the very best, Kanan!!

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