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BaalVeer Returns has replicated a few scenes from Thor Ragnarok…

Times when Baalveer Returns copied Thor

BaalVeer is one of the most followed superhero serials by children. With the display of superpowers and villains, kids seem to enjoy this show. However, a few scenes in the show are an exact replica from the Hollywood movie Thor Ragnarok. The scenes in BaalVeer Returns had an exact same battle scene as Thor. It is so well copied that it seems like the faces are photoshopped. Each and everything is similar to the Hollywood movie scene. Right from the appearance of the superhero to the stunts and expressions of the people around. The way Baal Veer fights the evil is highly similar to the scene in Thor. The jumps and flights, the weapons used, the dragons everything looks quite similar.

It will be difficult to judge as to which is the Baal Veer Scene and Thor scene. It is highly commendable of the Baal Veer creators to recreate such a scene from Hollywood. Take a look at the video and check it out.

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