Zain Imam and his dashing personality is surely a fans’ favourite. And here we tell you on his ultimate fan moment.

Ultimate Fan Moment of Zain Imam

Zain Imam the dashing looker and talented young actor is a fans’ favourite every time he drops on the road or in any public place!!

Zain with his macho look and elegant persona can make any girl go weak in her knees. There must have been innumerable occasions for Zain, where he has got himself hounded by his fans.

Of course, appreciation galore and gifts and surprises from fans are inevitable for this hot star!!

We today talk of one crazy fan moment that Zain Imam had during the promotion days of his show Ek Bhram – Sarvagunn Sampanna.

Reports in media suggest that an 18-year old girl fought really hard with her father in order to come on the shooting spot in Udaipur to catch a glimpse of the dashing actor Zain Imam. The girl had even gifted Zain with a Ganesha idol. Zain in a media report had said that he was shocked to see the girl having his name tattooed on her wrist.

The girl was visibly very happy on meeting Zain and we must say, this is such an honour for the girl!! Also a great fan moment for Zain which will be with him as long as he is an actor!!

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