Sony TV show Vighnaharta Ganesh’s lead Malkhan Singh opens up about his real name being something else and the reason behind him using this name.

Vighnaharta Ganesh’s Malkhan Singh reveals his Idol

Throughout our life, many individuals come into our journey and teach us a lesson or two. While friends come and go, a family sticks by you in times good and bad. They are the ones who stand with us through thick and thin and help us face any situation life throws at us. Lord Shiva played by Malkhan Singh on Sony Entertainment Television believes in this school of thought. Also, in the entertainment industry, we see many actors and stresses take a new screen name to develop and identity but our very own small screen Lord Shiva went a step ahead. In a conversation with him it was revealed that the name, ‘Malkhan Singh’ is actually his grandfather’s name and not his real name.

The saga of Vighnaharta Ganesh has had its own set of dedicated fan base since its dawn. Currently, the show is in its high-point as viewers witnessed the story of 19 avatars of Lord Shiva, and Malkhan Singh who plays the role of Shiva in the show, would himself be depicting all of the avatars. The actor recently made a unique revelation about his life, disclosing that the name that he uses is not one he was baptised with. His real name is Vivek Panval which is still used for official purposes. Malkhan Singh is his grandfather’s name whom he regards as his idol.

On changing his name, Malkhan Singh shares, “I was very close to my grandparents but lost my grandfather when I was young. I changed my name because I wanted my grandfather to be famous. I want the entire nation to know him. Also, when, people call me by his name, I experience a soothing feeling and it feels that he is still with me. Nevertheless, I believe that he has always blessed me and today, whatever I am, I am because of his favour”. Further sharing insights on his life, Malkhan revealed, “There was a time when I used to go to the temple daily, without missing on even one day and this practice continued for almost 14 years. I feel that God’s blessings are necessary for all to function properly”.

Malkhan, you have indeed made your grandfather proud!!


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