Vijayendra Kumeria dazzles in his Punjabi music video

Vijayendra Kumeria is all set to stun his fans in his new avatar for the Punjabi music video. Read it here.

Vijayendra Kumeria dazzles in his Punjabi music video

Popular actor Vijayendra Kumeria has made a stunning return to Colors’ Udaan.

While his loyal fans can get to see him in the very popular character yet again, here is a double whammy for them!!

Vijayendra has recently shot for a Punjabi music video B for Bhangra for Zee Music Company. The video has been released today (24 April) on YouTube.

The video will have Vijayendra as the stunning Punjabi munda wooing his woman with his song and dance.
Says Vijayendra, “It was a nice experience. For the first time, I did something like this. It is a fun-loving peppy number and performing on Bhangra Punjabi style was fun.”

Talking about the feel of the song, Vijayendra stresses on it saying, “Nowadays lot of people enjoy the western numbers. The tag line here is B for Bhangra, and that there is nothing more exciting than Bhangra and a Punjabi song. It is a fun song and it has released just today. I had a lot of dancing to do. The initial response has been good.”

Sharing his personal experience shooting for it, he states, “It was very good. We shot it in Punjab. The hospitality out there was nice. I am a Punjabi, so I understand the language. It was great shooting with Isha Anand Sharma. She portrayed a modern girl and I was trying to woo her.”

Best of luck, Vijayendra!!

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