Love is most definitely in the air! With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we are seeing grand gestures of love to forbidden romances, secret dates and stolen glances. However, people often overlook the hardships of love that come post its early stages. Young love is one thing, but true love comes with maturity, growth and most importantly, togetherness. One such example of mature love is depicted by Rajesh and Vandana Wagle from Sony SAB’s Wagle Ki Duniya. Almost two years after its inception, the show and its characters have seen immense growth in all aspects. Be it individually or together, both Rajesh and Vandana have been through constant ups and downs, but the one thing that has stayed strong is their bond. So, what does it really take to make a relationship last? Do all couples survive the storm that is life?

Sumeet Raghavan and Pariva Pranati open up about the journey of their characters and the true meaning of mature love.

Pariva Pranati who essays the role of Vandana Wagle, said, “With Vandana and Rajesh, their relationship is organic. They are both unapologetically themselves and have grown to accept each other for who they are. However, this process wasn’t instantaneous. They fight, argue and get upset over the tiniest of things, but their ability to forgive and come back to each other is what gets them through the toughest of times. Vandana’s beauty lies in her imperfections and her ability to own up to her mistakes and make them right. Vandana has also come into being her real self over the last two years and has truly embodied the role of a strong woman character. Rajesh’s constant love and encouragement through every step of the way has made it possible for their relationship to thrive. They are truly meant for each other.”

Sumeet Raghavan who plays the character of Rajesh Wagle, said, “Rajesh, to me, is a simple guy. His family and their needs always come first for him. He always looks out for their best interests and sometimes forgets to look after himself. Vandana’s child-like innocence brings out Rajesh’s fun side and their bond seems effortless. She really is the grounding factor in his life as she balances him out perfectly while keeping him on his toes. Their love has evolved greatly over the last two years and even through the ups and downs, their maturity and understanding of each other is what has kept them strong. They really are the prime example of love.”