Zain Imam recreates an epic scene in his reel.

Zain Imam Recreates An Epic Scene Which Has Us Cracking Into Laughter

Zain Imam we know, is a fun person to be with!! And when he is in a mood to creating reels, we bet that you are going to have a whale of a time watching it. And when Zain makes such reels with his close set of friends, then it is surely going to be a blast, a laugh riot!!

Today we look at a throwback video posted by Zain Imam where he is seen along with his friend Randeep Rai. The video has Zain and Randeep coming home with a few belongings that they have looted. They want to equally share it between them.

Zain and his comic act here is mindblowing. The manner in which Zain and Randeep play out this epic scene is indeed hilarious. You will surely enjoy every moment of it.

Check it here.

Video Courtesy: Instagram

Well are you a fan already of this reel? How much did you laugh seeing it?