Who is looking hot in white shirt - Zain Imam vs Priyank Sharma vs Pearl V Puri?

Zain Imam vs Priyank Sharma vs Pearl V Puri: Who looks HOT in white shirt?

When it comes to fashion, TV actors are the inspiration for many people. They can pull off almost any outfit for any occasion.

The white shirt can as easily be dressed up, as it can be dressed down. Whether it is Indian or western, there is no denying the charm of this shade of purity. There is more to white than just the classic formal shirt or t-shirt and we’ve got three of the well-dressed men on TV showing you exactly how to go white in style.

Zain Imam, Priyank Sharma and Pearl V Puri gave an interesting twist to the classic white shirt.

Zain’s look is turning it into an extremely fashionable appearance that’s perfect for both formal and casual occasions.

Priyank inherent sophistication and royal lineage shine through his look.

Pearl has always rocked the red carpet and here he’s seen giving a white makeover for his fans.

Who is looking hot? Comment below.

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