Aankh Micholi the Star Plus show produced by Shashi Sumeet Productions has seen engaging drama with Malhaar (Hitesh Bhardwaj) and Rukmini (Khushi Dubey) falling in love. We saw the unique way of confessing her love from Rukmini, when she posed to be a trash cleaner. She came to the street of Malhaar and confessed her love on the mike.

Now, duty is calling for both Rukmini and Malhaar. The coming episode will see them reporting for their IPS training. On the first day, both Rukmini and Malhaar will admire themselves in the uniform and will be happy.

Rukmini will express her wish that she wants to do something really big to get the feel of wearing the uniform. Soon, she will see a person pulling a cart with gas cylinders not able to pull the load. He will be dragged by the weight towards the opposite side, when Rukmini will come there and stop the cart with her might.

Malhaar and all other cadets will be very happy at Rukmini’s heroic deed.

Aankh Micholi Ep 18 14th February Written Episode Update

Malhaar was questioned by Kesar Baa about his lover. However, Malhaar twisted the tale and told Kesar that it was Sumedh with Neeti.

What will happen next?

Aankh Micholi the Star Plus show produced by Shashi Sumeet Productions is the story of an undercover cop Rukmini who aspires to achieve her dreams. In the process, the plot will also dwell on her love life. The show has Khushi Dubey playing Rukmini. Actors Navneet Malik and Hitesh Bhardwaj play the male leads and portray characters Sumedh and Malhaar respectively.