Aankh Micholi the Star Plus show produced by Shashi Sumeet Productions has seen engaging drama with Sumedh (Navneet Malik) and Rukmini’s (Khushi Dubey) engagement happening. Rukmini went to seek the blessings of her father at the hospital, and her father promised to be present at the wedding. Sumedh wished that Malhaar’s (Hitesh Bhardwaj) love story with Mini too succeeded and tried meeting Mini. However, Rukmini did not meet the caller and decided to stay away.

On the other hand, Malhaar was sanctioned leave. He wanted to convince Mini and take her along with him to his brother Sumedh’s wedding.

The coming episode will focus on Sumedh and Rukmini’s Haldi celebrations. Sumedh will be happy with Kesar Baa being happy, that she has won the challenge she posed before Neeti’s mother. Sumedh will find his happiness in Kesar Baa’s happiness. For Rukmini, the Haldi will mean a new phase in her life, where it appears as though she is going away from her dream of living the life of an IPS officer.

During the Haldi, the women assembled will tell Kesar Baa that the last Haldi for the boy is to be kept by the mother. However, Kesar Baa who has not accepted Sumedh as her son, will just walk away, and will abide from doing this ritual. This will be a teary moment for Sumedh who will yet again feel lonely and fail to derive love from his mother.

Aankh Micholi Ep 33 6th March Written Episode Update

Rukmini and Sumedh’s engagement happened and the wedding was scheduled to happen in the next two days.

What will happen next?

Aankh Micholi the Star Plus show produced by Shashi Sumeet Productions is the story of an undercover cop Rukmini who aspires to achieve her dreams. In the process, the plot will also dwell on her love life. The show has Khushi Dubey playing Rukmini. Actors Navneet Malik and Hitesh Bhardwaj play the male leads and portray characters Sumedh and Malhaar respectively.