Drama galore in Colors show

Aditya to save Zoya in Colors’ Bepannaah

Colors’ latest offering Bepannaah (Cinevistaas) has hooked audience glued to their TV screens with intriguing twists and turns.

As seen so far, Arjun (Shehzad Shaikh) goes to meet Waseem (Iqbal Azad) at his house to discuss about the accident. Meanwhile, Aditya (Harshad Chopda) accepts a contract to humiliate Zoya (Jennifer Winget) as she would not be able to complete it on time.

In the coming drama, Zoya will be harassed by few goons. Aditya will save her from a group of men as he would want to be the one to ruin her life.

Later, Zoya will find a picture of Yash and his college friend and would plan to get information from him about Yash and his business. Meanwhile, the police will call Waseem to ask him about the missing evidence. Aditya would arrive at the function and will be shocked to see the decoration. He would warn Zoya to be alert for the next event.

Furthermore, Arjun will find out that the courier containing the diary has already been dispatched. Zoya would try to contact Ashish but his phone will be unavailable. Zoya will be surprised to see Ashish at the function.

What will happen next? What future holds for Zoya?

Unfortunately, we couldn’t connect to Jennifer for a comment.

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