Aggar Tum Na Hote the Zee TV show produced by Naad Films, Mahesh Pandey Productions and Pixx Entertainment has seen dramatic developments with Abhimanyu’s (Himanshu Soni) health deteriorating, after getting to know of Niyati’s (Simaran Kaur) engagement with Dr Anand.

We saw how Gajendra who was totally against Niyati changed colours. He now wants Niyati to get into a fake marriage deal with Abhimanyu so that he gets better.

In order to get this done, he has put Niyati’s father’s life at risk. Niyati’s father is in the jail now, and Gajendra forces Niyati to agree to the deal so that he can save her father.

The coming episodes will see Niyati refusing to accept the offer. She will tell him that she has the guts to get her father free from charges. However, soon, Niyati will be left in crossroads with her father being in danger.

Will Niyati be forced to accept the deal?