Ajooni the Star Bharat show produced by Frames Productions and Prem Entertainment has seen shocking drama with Rajveer (Shoaib Ibrahim) crossing all limits by stalking Ajooni (Ayushi Khurana). He has gotten Ajooni’s boyfriend Dr Avinash beaten up very badly. If that is not it, he has also targeted to inflict more problems on Avinash’s family till the time they stop the wedding to happen with Ajooni.

We have seen that after getting released from jail, Rajveer has printed out pamphlets for his wedding with Ajooni. He has been telling Ajooni’s family that he will get married to her in a few days time. He has started the countdown to their wedding, which is very shocking for Ajooni and her family to digest.

With the image and pride of Ajooni’s family being at stake, things will look bad. Rajveer will make it worse when he will announce the venue and date of his wedding with Ajooni Vohra on National Television. Ajooni and her family will be shocked by this harassment.

How will Ajooni reply to Rajveer?