Ajooni the Star Bharat show produced by Frames Productions and Prem Entertainment has started on a big bang note!! We have seen Rajveer (Shoaib brahim) playing the ultimate lover boy as he has fallen in love with Ajooni (Ayushi Khurana) and wants to marry her at any cost.

We saw how Rajveer disrupted the engagement ceremony of Ajooni. This has created unrest in Ajooni’s family. Ajooni’s mother blames Ajooni for hiding the truth about her being stalked by Rajveer. Rajveer has announced that he will get married to her in a week. At this juncture, we saw Ajooni’s family getting the help of a police officer Manjeet and getting Rajveer arrested.

While Ajooni’s family is relieved with Rajveer’s arrest, Rajveer will show his power when his father Ravinder Singh Bagga (Pankaj Dheer) will get him released from jail.

This will come as a big shock to Ajooni and her family when they will see Rajveer back at his dirty ploys. Rajveer will start the countdown to the wedding.

What will happen next?