Aladdin and Yasmine's romantic eye lock moment in Sony SAB’s Aladdin: Naam Toh Suna Hoga

Aladdin: Naam Toh Suna Hoga spoiler alert: Aladdin and Yasmine’s romantic eye lock moment

Sony SAB’s Aladdin: Naam Toh Suna Hoga is keeping the audience glued to their TV screen with its edgy storyline.

Now, in the forthcoming drama, viewers will see high-voltage drama in the upcoming episode.

As per the plot, the beginning of the new season sees Aladdin (Siddharth Nigam) and Yasmine (Ashi Singh) in new avatars.

Aladdin declares his agenda to his father, the king of Turkistan, to catch the Kali Chorni aka Yasmine. He creates a plan to lure Kali Chorni so that Aladdin can catch her red-handed.

Now, we hear, he will plan to keep an important diamond that can lure Kali Chorni and she can come to steal the same. His plan would work and the Kali Chorni will come to steal the diamond. However, she will be caught by Aladdin and the two will have fight moments.

Later, while the two would be fighting with each other, Aladdin and Kali Chorni will see a flashback of their past life. Soon, the two will come face to face and have a romantic eye lock moment.


Are you excited to see their face-off?

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