Aman to kidnap Teni in Colors’ Dil Se Dil Tak

High-end drama in Colors’ Dil Se Dil Tak…

Aman to kidnap Teni in Colors’ Dil Se Dil Tak

Colors’ popular drama Dil Se Dil Tak (Shashi Sumeet Productions), is keeping the audience hooked to the show with the interesting twist in the plot.

Earlier we have seen Teni (Jasmin Bhasin) falling in love with Aman (Kunal Verma) and the Bhanushali family deciding to get them married. But Aman is unaware about Teni’s pregnancy.

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Recently, we witnessed Teni meeting with an accident and being taken to the hospital where Aman found about Teni’s pregnancy. Aman (Sidharth Shukla) assumed it to be Parth’s child and thought of Parth cheating on Shorvori (Rashami Desai). He decides to take the matter on his own and solve the situation.

Now, in the upcoming episode, he will kidnap Teni and will take her to a hospital for abortion. Parth and Shorvori will try to look for Teni in the house but will fail to find her. They will get worried.  Aman will tell Parth, not to worry as he has taken the decision to solve the problem.

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Will Parth and Shorvori be able to explain their situation to Aman? Will they find out about Teni’s kidnapping?

The actors remained unavailable for a comment.

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